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  A couple weeks ago I had my heart set on creating a fun little coffee station. Naturally, I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest- more than enough actually. I snagged an amazing old dresser from my lovely mother (I owe you one) and with a fresh coat of paint, it transformed into a great little coffee station. I think I am most proud of this little area because I did majority of it all on my own- but of course needed some extra muscle from my husband to get the shelves up in their spots.

 I am really kicking myself for not taking a before picture of this dresser. The main body of the dresser was a dark brown and the drawer faces were just like show. Gave the entire a piece a good sanding and made a chalk paint with some paint I picked up at Lowe's (there are about a 100+ different recipes you can find online for chalk paint).

  I decided I loved the look of the natural wood with the cream color, so I just put a clear matte finish over the drawer faces and updated the hardware with these fun knobs.

  These shelves were super simple and easy to make. Just picked up a 6 foot piece of 1 x 10 board and wiped on a stain- simple! Grabbed some L brackets and had my husband cut the board and put these up! 

  A few months back we got some new dishes from Target- Threshold brand I believe. I love the look of the white on display; crisp and clean looking.

  I am still on the hunt for some art to put up around this area. Whipped up this "love is patient, love is kind" wall art and hung it up with a old wood hanger.

 If you would like to print this out for yourself, I have made a PDF file available to download and print

  I have found that the Starbucks Espresso Roast (so far) is my favorite blend. I am constantly on the search trying new coffees to find that perfect cup- there are so many out there to try. Do you have a favorite, if so please share!!


currently //

Reading // I am on a mission to finish reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Successfully made it to chapter 5... I am a such a sucker for sappy love stories and so far this one is good. Some great human as well to keep interesting. And of course there is a movie schedule for release, so I would like to be done before that comes out. *fingers crossed it flop like most book-movies do*.

Working on // There seems to be so much I am working on lately. A lot of it is around the house.
  • Decorating the kids bedrooms- They now have their own rooms, so it's been fun personalizing each on for them. They both received "big kid beds" for Christmas with new sheets- they were pretty stoked on that. Finding fun prints from some of my favorite Etsy shops ( The Printed Palette & BC Prints ) Still have a ways to go, but they are turning out pretty cute.
  • Master Bedroom-  Painted a giant accent wall that our bed is on in a charcoal grey. LOVE it! Lots of fun gold pieces up the night stands- mirrors, antlers, lamps. With moving the kids into their own rooms, I had to give up my Craft Room/Office. I moved my desk into our bedroom and made myself a cute little workspace that I love. Working on getting some things on a few walls, and then I think I can call it done in there.
  • Guest Bathroom- When we moved into the house and started the remodel process, I wasn't sure what style I was going for really. So when it came to picking a color and theme for the guest bath I was totally stumped! I picked a random yellow and called it good. And that's about as far as I got with any sort of design in there. I couldn't find anything that I felt belong in there to mesh with the color. I finally decided I was going to paint it, WHITE- perfect blank canvas. My inspiration was Elsie's Bathroom // A Beautiful Mess. I LOVE it!
  • Living room, kitchen, dining room- Not a whole lot of big changes going on in these rooms. Mainly filling up wall space with things that represent us. Have plans to make a coffee station in the dining room which I am completely giddy about! And maybe a shelf over the kitchen sink.
I should probable to a post on a home tour or something- seems there is a lot to be shared there (putting that down on the list of things to do)

Loving // I love being back in a salon. Even though it's one day a week, it's just enough to make me feel complete! I had been thinking of getting back into one for a while and things had a way of working out in my favor which I am so thankful for! Having all that creativity at the tips of fingers on a weekly basis is so awesome. Mixing color, new cuts, and fun blow outs! In Hairdresser Heaven ;)

Listening to // Ever since his epic Super Bowl performance, I have had Bruno Mars' album on repeat! It's so good... If you don't have it, go get it now and then you can thank me later! You're welcome in advance!



I think every mom can agree with me when I say coffee is a necessity, especially for moms! I find I can't function with out a nice warm cup of joe. I guess you could say I am some what addicted- okay it's apparent that I am totally dependent on coffee, no need to beat around the bush on that. I have been experimenting over the past few months with different types of brewing systems and trying different roasts. I went from your basic instant brew and LOADS of creamer to a hip French press and frothed milk. But my world was forever rocked when I received an espresso machine for my birthday! Lattes and cappuccinos all day everyday!

  While I still strive to maintain my "Gold" status at the 'Bucks- you can't beat a nicely brewed cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home (unless they start to deliver, but we all know that's not happening). I literally jump out of bed at thought of drinking a delicious cup of awesomeness! And the "normal" thing to do after making a cup, is of course to take a pic of that shiz!  If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen my photos... And you might even be annoyed with them- or love them...



currently //

Reading. At the moment, nothing. I have so many books that I have started and none of them are finished. I get side tracked and then completely forget about them until months late- at that point I have no clue what happened in the first half of the book so I have to start over. And then I am back at square one again, a half read book. I have been investing in some photography books and I have been thumbing through those a lot finding inspiration or learning some new techniques.

Doing. We have been doing lots of play dates lately. I am usually such a homebody, but that's not really fair to the kids. So we try to get out at least once or twice a week to the park or a friend's house. They enjoy playing with their friends and I get some mommy talk with my friends. It's kind of a win/win for us all.

Working on. So if you have been following this blog for a bit, you know that it has been quite a long time since my last post. I had plans of just taking a mini blog break and that turned into an almost 5 month hiatus. I am trying to get back into the swing of things again and hoping I can stay committed to it. I really miss writing up these posts and interacting with this lovely blogging community. It will definitely be some baby steps, but I am working on getting back to it.

Watching. I am loving the new season of Grimm. We have been hooked since the first episode, and I look forward to Friday nights snuggling on the couch with my husband, zoned into Grimm. It was exciting to see Monroe finally propose to Rosalie- although should be interesting to see how his family adjusts to her but to the fact that his friend is a Grimm. Seriously this show is just too good. I wont say much more incase you haven't had a chance to start watching it, in which case you need to start.

Loving. So in the 5 months I have been gone from the blogging world, I actually got a part time job. Yay me! I finally got back to doing hair at my girlfriends new salon. I had been wanting to possibly get back into it and when she asked if I was interested, I knew I had too. It's only one day a week, but it's perfect. I get to get back into doing something that I love and have missed for so long. I miss my kids all dang day when I am there, but I think it was something I needed- kind of like some 'me' time. The best part is, I get to work with girls I had worked with in a previous salon. We are all together again doing what we love and laughing our butts off all day long!

I found this Currently prompt through Danielle at Sometimes Sweet Blog


Dwell Series with JustLove.ly

It's so rewarding to see something that you have worked so hard at shared on someone's blog (other than your own). I am so excited that I was able to share how I decorated the kids room with Heather's readers at JustLove.ly. Featured in her Dwell Series, which shares fun and unique rooms or homes from all over. I just thought I would share how thrilled I am (maybe a tad giddy), so you can all head over there to check it out!!

This post was just a short and sweet 'Hello!'


summer time

Summer has been good to us this past week.
The weather is bearable- not too hot and obviously not to cold either.
We hit the pool as much as we can, usually 3-4 times a day.
These kids love water, not much else to say about that.
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